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Presenting Design Like You Get Paid For It

I’ve been presenting design to clients and internal teams for a long time (Bush senior in the White House when I started), and I still get anxious about it. It may have been a while since I’ve thrown up in …

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60 Questions to Consider When Designing a Website

We spend a lot of time asking ourselves, our clients and other people questions. Whether it’s choosing the perfect shade of green for our latest web

7 Tips For Starting A Coworking Space

No matter what brought you to the conclusion that you’d like to start a coworking space, a good place to start is asking veterans for their

11 Ways to Prevent Angry Clients from Destroying Your Project

We’ve all had our fair share of angry clients. They’ll call or email, outraged that something has or hasn’t happened, dutifully heaping a big steaming pile

Everything I Know About Freelancing I Learned from WHAM!

There’s something about skinny white men prancing about that just screams “business acumen.” And if there was any band more white or more prancy than WHAM!,

Three Major Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Any Clients (and how to avoid these pitfalls)

Nothing’s more frustrating than not getting clients. You know your designs are good. You write really concise and sharp emails. Your people skills are impeccable. Yet

What You Should Say to Your Client When Their Payment Is Delinquent

Even if you have had a successful run with the most appreciative, responsible and compassionate clients in the history of freelancing, you will almost certainly eventually

7 Reasons Why Social Landing Pages Increase Business

Social marketing is great, wonderful, revolutionary, and fun. All on its own it can drive you pretty decent results (depending on your goal, and what you’re

40 Resources For Finding Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing jobs are great way to earn some extra money on the side, but most freelancers have trouble finding them. This is where we come in

5 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Web Designs For Coding

Congratulations! You’ve designed your site and you feel like it’s ready to be sent off to a coding team. You might have a developer in mind, or

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