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Creating An Awesome Dropdown Menu for WordPress 3 Custom Menus

WordPress 3.0 came with a quite handy Native menu support that can be easily customized through the wordpress admin. Here, we are about to see how to create a dropdown menu in wordpress using Superfish , a popular Javascript based …

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Become Expert With 40 WordPress Tutorials

Let's have a round up of 40 very useful wordpress tutorials for you which may help you to be an expert. Even if you are expert you

20 Plugin Replacing Tutorials, Tips, Snippets and Solutions for WordPress

It is no secret that there is an endless supply of plugins that will make WordPress highly extensible, its one of the main reasons why WordPress

Working With WordPress Excerpts

An excerpt is a summary of your blog post, this is an optional feature in WordPress and can be used in circumstances where you would only

How To Ajaxify Your WordPress Site

Injecting a dose of Ajax into your WordPress-powered site is an excellent way to enhance functionality and streamline the user experience. Without touching a line of

20 Most Useful WordPress Tricks and Plugins

All WordPress users should keep updated with the newly development of plugins and useful tips and tricks shared by other developers. In this article we are

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