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Solving Contact Page Confusion

If an organization’s goal is for people to inquire, then its website’s contact page is among its most critical assets. No matter what the organization promotes, the contact (or sign-up) page is the last step in the sales pitch. This …

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11 Ways to Prevent Angry Clients from Destroying Your Project

We’ve all had our fair share of angry clients. They’ll call or email, outraged that something has or hasn’t happened, dutifully heaping a big steaming pile

Everything I Know About Freelancing I Learned from WHAM!

There’s something about skinny white men prancing about that just screams “business acumen.” And if there was any band more white or more prancy than WHAM!,

Three Major Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Any Clients (and how to avoid these pitfalls)

Nothing’s more frustrating than not getting clients. You know your designs are good. You write really concise and sharp emails. Your people skills are impeccable. Yet

What You Should Say to Your Client When Their Payment Is Delinquent

Even if you have had a successful run with the most appreciative, responsible and compassionate clients in the history of freelancing, you will almost certainly eventually

7 Essential Red Flags To Watch Out For In New Clients

Working with clients is one of the most difficult parts of being a web designer. It’s a challenge which we face each and every day, regardless of whether we

Website Reconstruction: When it’s Time to Rebuild the Drowning Ship

The world is changing every day presenting us new and fresh ideas, approaches and tools to use. There are a lot of great features that found

How Can Designers Make the Most of Their Workdays

Workdays matter a lot in your professional life when you take and overview of all of them. It is important that a professional makes the most out of

How to Lower Your Bounce Rate by 64%

Bounce rate is an important metric for website designers, developers and owners to know. Bounce rate, according to Wikipedia, “essentially represents the percentage

The Designer’s Most Important Skill

A graphic designer in today’s day and age has to have a wide-ranging skill set. Along with the obvious grasp of design principles like contrast, balance, color and

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