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20 Fantastic Usability & Conversion Analysis Tools

Once you’ve built or designed a website, it’s absolutely vital that you perform some degree of usability testing to ensure that it’s functioning as it should. Analyzing conversion rates (the percentage of visitors to your site who perform a desired …

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What People See Before They Buy: Design Guidelines For E-Commerce Product Pages With Eyetracking Data

I carried out a series of eye tracking studies at cxpartners to look into what shoppers need and prefer to see on a product page to help

How to Lower Your Bounce Rate by 64%

Bounce rate is an important metric for website designers, developers and owners to know. Bounce rate, according to Wikipedia, “essentially represents the percentage

10 Excellent Secrets To Successful Web Design

A website with an effective design along with concrete content is essentially required. Successful web sites are “user friendly,” allowing valuable information to be obtained easily by the

10 Deadly Sins of a Poorly Designed Website

Face it.  There are tons of websites out there but very few that actually pull their weight and get results.  Effective website design is not easy.  If it

Multivariate Testing in Action: Five Simple Steps to Increase Conversion Rates

The attention span on the Web has been decreasing ever since Google had arrived and changed the rules of the game. Now with millions of results

Why Great Designs Aren’t Always Enough: The Importance of AB Testing

There’s a famous story in the design world about Google, who tested 41 different shades of blue. It’s often shown as an example of why AB split testing

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