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Creating An Awesome Dropdown Menu for WordPress 3 Custom Menus

WordPress 3.0 came with a quite handy Native menu support that can be easily customized through the wordpress admin. Here, we are about to see how to create a dropdown menu in wordpress using Superfish , a popular Javascript based …

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50+ Awesome CSS3 Techniques for Better Designs

CSS3 is gaining momentum, despite the fact that the standard hasn’t even been finalized. There are hundreds of tutorials out there to teach designers how to


HTML5 Grayscale Image Hover

Once upon a time, grayscale image has to be manually converted in order to be displayed on the web. Now with HTML5 canvas, images can be manipulated into


Tools And Resources To Test Cross Browser Compatibility Of Your Websites

Cross browser compatibility is an option to test the compatibility of your web site among the oceans of other sites. There is a possibility of

Convert a Warm, Cheerful Web Design to HTML and CSS (Part 2): Creating the Markup

Not long after our newest Tuts+ site, Webdesigntuts+, launched, they posted an excellent tutorial that details the process of designing a warm and cheerful

100 Exceedingly Useful CSS Tips and Tricks

You can never have too much of a good thing–and two good things we rely on in our work are tips and tricks. Nuggets of information, presented

Using the LESS CSS Preprocessor for Smarter Style Sheets

As a Web designer you’re undoubtedly familiar with CSS, the style sheet language used to format markup on Web pages. CSS itself is extremely simple, consisting

Create The Fanciest Dropdown Menu You Ever Saw

Good evening web designers. I hope you have all had a great weekend, and are ready to start the working week tomorrow. I have something very

How To Use CSS Sprites And Image Replacement

The days of using javascript for image rollovers are over. Rollovers can be created using pure CSS, which is a widely used technique on the web. There’s many

Tips How To Organize Your CSS Files

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is used to separate content from presentation in a web site, this means that by applying CSS you have the ability to keep the

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