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How Is Facebook Advertising Performing Against Search?

We’ve been testing the performance of Facebook advertising on our Facebook optimisation platform, and how it performs against search for a test sample of brand clients. We did this by running two simultaneous campaigns across search and Facebook for each …

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Setting Up A Kick Ass Re-Marketing Campaign in Google AdWords

If you have ever felt a banner is following you around the internet, then there is a good chance it probably is! Thanks to Google, re-marketing

Embed Custom Fonts Into Your Website For Free Using The Google Font Directory

Using embedded custom fonts in your website is a great way to give it a special look without the lack of search engine optimization you get when using

Social Ranking Signals Revealed: What Google And Bing Are Really Using

It's widely assumed that search engines are incorporating signals from popular social networking hubs into their algorithms. After all, millions upon millions of links are shared every day

Things You Should Do Immediately After Launching a Website

So you’ve just launched your website. The only thing left now is to start creating content and arranging for some promotion, right? Well, not so fast. You

Awesome WordPress Plugins to Empower Your Visitors

Helping your visitors get the most out of your site benefits everyone. Visitors get more relevant and useful content, and you enjoy better statistics and more

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