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A Question of Money-back Guarantees and Marketing Your Online Products

Over the last 12 months, I’ve continued to shift some of my own online business activities to producing products to sell on my blogs (I wrote about some the process here). This has been a profitable move for me, but …

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Improve Website Design & Increase Conversions

Website conversion rate is a key marker of your site’s success. Apart from other statistic data, conversion shows the actual numbers of visitors who not only

Landing Page Optimization Tips: Find Out What Increases Sales And Conversions

Last week I offered free conversion rate optimization advice on a popular forum (known as Hacker News). Within a single day I got 50+ requests

10 Ways to “Guarantee” More Sales and Conversions

What’s the one thing that all businesses have in common? You guessed it, they exist to generate revenue for someone, whether it be shareholders, co-founders, or small-time owners. Of course,

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